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Welcome to the creative and unique world of Robert Barton:
Character Actor, Designer and Decorator...

Robert is available as a Character Actor, Event Planner, Decorator and Designer for Film, Television, Theater, Corporate, Special, and Community events.

Please note that the photographs presented on this site represents a collection of Robert's work spanning several decades. Consequently, picture quality will vary.

UPDATE: Jan. 26, 2016
Since a recent migration to a new web host, there appears to be a minor issue with the photo gallery code I am using for this site. Some photos may take a little longer to load. This issue has been identified and steps are being implemented to bring resolution to this matter.



About Robert Barton

"Robert's talent and positive attitude helped to energize the entire production team. His imaginative and beautiful props and set pieces enhanced the look of the films immensely." - Bill Scollon, Producer, Disney Educational Productions

"Good job! Jack Frost is now a signature character of Surrey’s Tree Lighting Festival!"

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